When was Montreuil, France founded?


so….When was Montreuil, France founded?




I suppose you are talking about Montreuil sous le bois, better known as Montreuil, the town next to Paris.

A village called Monasteriola existed in 722 and is mentioned in a legal paper of that time

It became a town, the name changing as language changed. Here are the names it went under and the dates they were used.

* Mousterolium 1103-1104
* Monasteriolum 1141-1142
* Mustoriolum 1172-1173
* Monterel 1203
* Musteroli 13th century
* Monstrueil 1360
* Monstereul soubz le bois 1431

Then Montreuil sous le bois.


There are two towns officially called Montreuil in France, one North East of Paris near Saint Denis, and another in Northern France near the English Channel.

If you are refering to the town of Montreuil (official name) in Pas-de-Calais, which was called Montreuil-sur-mer (but is no longer so because it is not on the sea nowadays), rather than the parisian suburb, there was some sort of settlement there in Roman times. Roman artifacts have been found there and Julius Cesar’s armies used it, as well as the town of Boulogne which is a little higher North, as a place from which to launch boats towards Great Britain at around 55 BC.
Like Montreuil-sous-bois it owes its name to the fact that later there was a small monastery (monasterolium) located there which is mentioned in the Annals of Saint-Bertin et de Saint-Vaast, and it is known that the town was already fortified with battlements in 898 AD as monks from Brittany took refuge there when the Vikings destroyed their monastery in 913.

Nowadays the sea has receded quite a long way. Montreuil is still fortified and a very picturesque town. It is extremely popular with British people who have bought properties there because of its proximity to England. It is only fifteeen minutes by road from Boulogne from where there are daily Channel crossings.

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