Has anyone heard of this antique glass bottling manufacture?

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I have come into possession of an antique glass bottle with the inscription “Gaby” written in cursive on the bottom. I researched the name and have come up with nothing. Do you know anything about this company?


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This is some information I found by searching for “antique glass bottle Gaby.”

“Around 1918, sculptor Clovis Viard opened a major workshop specializing in glass creations at 25 rue Chevalier-Desire, Montreuil (Seine). Previously, Clovia Viard worked for the Barbedienne foundry and was awarded a gold medal in 1900.

His son, Julien-Henri, was also a sculptor and exhibited his wares from 1900-1908 at Societe des Artistes Francais in the decorative arts section and received many prizes, such as the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1907. His business associate was Viollet Le Duc. After Clovis Viard’s death in 1927, Julien continued runing the workshop and in 1938, the company merged with its primary producer, Depinoix. Some of Viard’s clients included the perfume houses of Isabey, Gabilla, Lubin, Gueldy, Sauze and Ramses.

Various glassworks such as Baccarat, Depinoix, Maugenest, Pochet et du Courval, Bobin, Societe Parisienne de Verreries all produced Viard models, then returned them to Viard for finishing, this included surface recutting, polishing, enamels, gilding, patinas, and stopper adjustments. There is a wide variation in quality of Viard signed models, as there were a range of producers, but the quality of the surface decoration was always of the highest excellence. The patina was mostly made up of organic watercolors and when applied to acid etched surfaces, it facilitated the absorption, and produced a subtle transparency. The choice of surface colors was determined by the perfume color and enhanced the presentation.

Viard produced moulds from drawings and many major glassworks commisioned productions of difficult moulds with intricate designs and application of surface decoration. Models varied from simple to elaborate with figural motifs such as stoppers with patina that recalled elements of the perfume’s name. The bottle with non-figural stoppers, were often small and had floral designs.

Some bottles were simply marked with an acid stamp-made in France; others were signed J. Viard or J. Villard (when in collaboration with the other famous designer Lucien Gaillard.)

Here is the list of the many perfume bottles designed by Julien Viard, with the introduction date, perfume name, perfume company and glassworks:

1913 Gaby by Avenel, Depinoix”

There is a long list here, but I just included the Gaby that I noticed.

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